Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Hannah

Early morning present opening.
When Hannah saw what was inside of this present she got so excited that she jumped on Ruth shouting "thank you - I always wanted this".
She got a Barbie doll pool, about 4 Barbies and a Ken. I love that Hannah didn't mind that they were 2nd hand (I honestly don't even know if she realized). She was just so excited. I know they will bring her many hours of fun.
Brendon had the day off so that I could get busy on the cake. The cakes had been made last week and had been waiting in the freezer for the big day. For all the photos on how we did it and my helpers, you can look here.
Hannah was thrilled with the result.
When the school finished we went up to fetch Katie. Hannah was so excited to have another present to open. She got a lovely pencil case with accessories and this was a perfect gift as she needed those things for her Brownie bag.
I had to smile at Asher. When she saw that I was taking photos of them sitting on the couch - she must have thought it was monthly photo time - so she hopped up too. :-)
Brooke also came over once she was home from school and then we enjoyed cake time.
Sparkly candles were not easy to blow out - so she had to take an even bigger breath.
And get a bit of help from her friends.
After afternoon tea they headed out for some games. Ruth and Rachel had organized a few. It was great to have a nice clear day for them to enjoy.
Hezekiah part of the fun too. They had them running all around the garden. Working off some of the sugar from that icing (the cake itself was sugar free).
Then inside for pass the parcel. They had a great time and Hannah was very upset when Katie had to go home. I am glad she will get to have regular Youth time now to enjoy that friendship more.

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