Sunday, March 22, 2015

Toys, dogs and more toys

Thursday 19th. A very messy lounge this morning with loads of toys all over the place. I don't normally like that many different things out at once (they normally have to pack things away before they take more out). They were having so much fun together though - that I just watched and enjoyed it. They all helped clean it up afterwards and it didn't even take long to get it all sorted.
Friday 20th. The girls had been playing outside this afternoon and there was a bit of an argument. Instead of letting them just carry on with something else, I asked that they have an emergency club meeting to try sort it out. It was nice to see them work it out and get on with enjoying playing together again. I chatted to Rachel about it afterwards and she was very wise in how she gentle handled it and encouraged restoration of the relationship.
Saturday 21st was finally the Hawarden A&P Show day. The girls have been looking forward to it and saving up money the whole year for today. Rachel and Ruth went down early. During the morning we noticed this dog outside our property, looking very lost (and with a sore leg). He was so big though that even with his sore leg, he could jump that fence without even touching it (the reason he is able to get out of his own property so easily). He was such a friendly dog and Hezekiah loved spending some time with him.
Brendon got home from work around 11 and he suggested we just leave the dog inside the property. I had locked Shadow up (because she would bark at him if she was loose) and he kept jumping in the property. It was actually much better just leaving him inside the property, as then Shadow didn't mind him at all.
And Hezekiah was thrilled.
It was an older dog, but very friendly. The council got hold of his owners (thankfully he had his tag on) and they came to get him in the afternoon. Apparently he has been jumping out a lot lately. They stay about 10 minutes from us - so he really did get far today.
Brendon went up to the show just before 12 to man one of the gates (as a fundraiser for the Brownies). He took Hannah with him so she got to enjoy the show for a couple of hours. They were home just after 3 but the older girls stayed till after the community barbecue and they only got home just before 7pm.
I was thankful that Brendon got home when he did. Just after 4 Asher had a 2 minute Tonic Clonic. This has made it more clear that the diet we were trying is not helping. I am glad we did at least give it a try.
It is disappointing to have had so many this week (this brings it up to 6 if we count those 2 smaller ones). With the appointment with her neurologist coming up on the 31st, I am having to get my mind ready for the fact that she will most likely be starting yet another AED.
I took this photo at 5. She loves playing with this ex-toy-library-toy. They have the toy library mark on one side of each cylinder. She packs them all in very specifically - making sure that she can see the mark on the top of each one.
Sunday 22nd. A nice quiet day at home today. I had a good laugh while playing with Asher and her balls today. The cat was enjoying the box we put her balls in, so we just put them in ontop of her and she was more than happy.
So cute.
Once Brendon leaves with the other for church, Asher and I spend the half an hour together before she goes to bed. This evening it was spent with just one game. She was happy to spend ages undoing all the creations I made. She normally enjoys playing with these, just putting them in and out of their container. I made a mental note of how well this entertained her.
After they got home I wished I had sent the camera with them though. Hannah was called up to get a gift for her birthday. She was apparently very shy - mostly because she was confused that she was getting another present. :-)

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