Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had over 200 photos from our trip to Soweto. I got them down to 75 but still felt it was easier to show them to you in a video.

Graham (my brother) took a few videos through the day too.

This one is just standing in the street in Kliptown. The music being played was quite loud, so we struggled to hear our tour guide.

This next one is inside the ladies house. We all stood in the one main room of the house. It's so small it wasn't really practical to even try and take a photo inside. This room is their living room and kitchen. In my video of the photos I show a photo of the one bedroom next to this room. They have another room outside with beds and he said that there were 10 people that lived here.

And this last one is at the preschool. The children wanted to sing for us.

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