Thursday, February 16, 2012

Collins family photo

As Michael’s mother’s birthday was also yesterday Michelle made a last minute plan to have a birthday party tonight. And even though it was after 5pm it was still hot and the pool was enjoyed by the girls – AGAIN!!!
It was great to have all of the Collins family together so that we could get an updated family photo. The last one we got was before we left SA when Ruth was a baby – so it’s nice to have a new one with Hannah and now Hezekiah as the baby. With Graham living in Germany and us in NZ I don’t know if we will ever have all the family together again – so this was really special for me.
Michelle remembered the photo I got taken of the 5 of us before we left SA and she suggested we take one again. As Gillian did not want to appear too short she went up on her toes (thankfully Brendon got proof of that). They then even got me on the left side for one photo so that it was in order of grey and not age. But honestly – with Gillian and Michelle colouring their hair there is no way of knowing how much grey they even have. ;-)
Graham and Aleks had made Michelle a lovely chocolate birthday cake. Graham even put 22 candles on for her – she is so thankful to no longer be “21”. And if you were wondering – there is a 15 year gap between Craig and Michelle (both born in February).

Again the cousins had so much fun together. When they headed over to this step to eat their cake I heard a couple of them say “lets sit in age again”. Such special times. And if you were wondering the ages are 10, 8, 5, 4 and 3.

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