Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy birthday Michelle

We made a last minute plan to visit with the Collins family again today – it was especially nice to get to spend some time with Michelle on her birthday and meet the friends that had stayed over (unfortunately I did not get any photos with her). The girls again loved all the pool time.
Aleks also taught Ruth a new song and was really impressed with how quickly she picked it up.
Aleks and Graham had gone out for a valentines dinner yesterday but as their sushi took so long to arrive they brought it home and shared it with us this morning.
It was the first time Ruth and I have tasted it. Michelle has promised to get sushi for Ruth as she was so surprised Ruth had not had it before. Ruth was obviously thrilled about trying something new.
Graham then brought out this instrument and the girls had so much fun with it and did really well at producing a good sound. There were a lot of laughs that went along with it all – such fun times together.
And then some more fun time in the pool. A lovely shot with Aleks and Graham. I am so thankful for all the time we have gotten to spend with them.
Graham also showed them a lovely art technique that he is using on our African gifts (that he and I designed and he made on my parents new machine).
Having fun on the swing set that I played on when I was a child.

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