Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day in, evening out

We had a nice quiet day at home today. It was nice to finally get a photo of Hezekiah playing with his foot. One of the things he has learnt this month (along with rolling over on his own and getting his arms out from underneath him).
Hannah spent some time helping Grandpa in the garden. She has formed such special bonds with both her grandfathers and I think it’s because they do things like this with her. What a blessing.
Rachel does not often play with Hezekiah but she is seeing how much fun it can be as he is so responsive and smiles and laughs so wonderfully.
I also finally got a photo of Ruth’s mouth – that loose tooth FINALLY came out on Sunday night. I am so glad it came out and that it did not need to be pulled. She had to work really hard at getting it out though and when she finally got it out she had pushed it down with her finger and then bitten on her finger. So she actually forced it out. It had gotten quite uncomfortable for her – so good all round to have it out.
Ruth also helped Granddad in the garden today. Such happy little helpers.
Hezekiah struggled with one of his naps today and so Brendon let him sleep in his arms while he read.
He really was reading – not sleeping with his son.
Nana had made jelly for the girls and so they had jelly and custard after lunch. There really is nothing like SA Ultra Mel custard.
There was athletics on TV in the afternoon and it was fun for us to watch some with the girls. I got a photo with her just clearing the high jump.
Graham and Aleks popped over for a visit in the afternoon as they will be going down to the coast later this week and so it was nice to get to say goodbye to them. It was far too teary for Graham and I though. I am so thankful for the time we have gotten to spend together over the last 3 weeks.
In the evening we took dinner to a friend of mine from school who had a baby recently. It was Ruth and my favourite – Chinese food – and we bought a plate of sushi too for us to get a bit more of a taste of it. Funny that we had to come all the way to SA to be introduced to it.
Hezekiah enjoyed the baby chair – it won’t be too long before he can sit on his own.

The younger girls had such a fun time with my friends two daughters and Rachel managed to get some reading done.

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