Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It was so nice of Cheryl to organize to meet us at Tsholofelo today. We visited Cheryl and her family at Tsholofelo (although it was in a different house at that time) a month before Ruth was born. We had asked her to keep her ears open for any new born baby and were thrilled to get the call from her on 20 July 2006 to say that there was a new born baby that would be coming to Tsholofelo that evening.
I still remember this photo that Cheryl sent us (left middle photo). Our first look at the precious little girl (Gugu means precious) that would soon be a part of our family.
What a blessing to see photos of all the babies that have been placed in homes through Tsholofelo.
Ruth holding one of the twins. They are almost 1.
The hope is that the twins will get to be with their
new family before their first birthday.
Helping him to stand.
Ruth just loves babies.
Unpacking the bag of clothes and teddies. Ruth had come up
with the idea of sorting through their teddies and taking some
to "children who don't have a lot".
Such sweet boys. It was nice to spend some time playing with them.
This little boy just LOVES balls. He only arrived here
in December and could not speak any English.
He is learning quickly though as he copies everything
that you say to him.

He would spend ages throwing this ball. I think he needs
a soccer ball Cheryl. I think you have a soccer star in the making.
Playing in the garden with Hezekiah. She obviously likes babies too.

Hanna giving hugs good buy.
The mosquito nets acted as veils today. :-)
More hugs goodbye. We had such a special visit.

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