Monday, February 27, 2012

Polokwane to Pretoria

It ended up being a blessing that Debbie had a lift coming to pick her up for work this morning and we could not take our time to say goodbye – it would have been far to painful. We enjoyed a cuppa with Liz while Hezekiah had his morning nap. It was nice to get a photo of "Charlie dog". What a special story of how he came to live with Liz and what a lovely heart she has.
The girls saw Liz’s cello and all had to have a turn.
Liz was really impressed with the lovely sound even Hannah was able to make. She says often children just screech. So their experience with the violin definitely helped.
A little bit big for Ruth.
But still fun. Brendon even had a turn and said it was far easier for him than the violin. I wonder if we can get a cello for Brendon somehow? It does make such a beautiful sound.
Before we left Polokwane we visited with Crosby family. It was great for Rachel and Tayt to catch up and thankfully Hannah made Ethan happy to play with “girls”. He had been quite negative about having “girls” come to play – but Hannah showed herself to be Tom-boy enough for him to have fun with.
It was lovely spending some time with Sue again after all these years and to have a quick catch up.
Hannah enjoying mango as a “hedgehog”.

A nice one of the children. Hannah especially had a wonderful time playing with the boys.
We also went past the stadium on our way out. They had just started to build this for the Soccer world cup when we left.

We stopped at Wimpy for a late lunch on our way back. Cream soda float x 3 this time.

It was nice to get a photo of one of the many mielie fields on our way. The sign says “Dis mos mielse” (It’s mielies obviously).
There are a number of areas along the highway with this kind of housing. It’s great to see electricity and water into many of these areas – but still very sad to see how so many thousands of people are living.
We were very surprised to see an almost “new” squatter camp starting up. It was over a huge area.
We don’t quite know what is happening here but it looks as though people are starting up a new area with the frames of some “houses” being up. Tiny little shacks though. So very sad.
It was nice to get a photo of the “bridge” that we had lunch at last Friday.
And then a photo of one of the toll gates. This will be an aspect that the girls remember – every time we came up to one they would say “we have to pay to use the road again”.
My mother sent me a text to let me know that Matthew and Nicole had spent the day at their house and were hoping for a visit with us on our way back. So we stopped in there. Matthew likes babies – just like his father does.
Playing under the trees at the bottom of the garden seems to be a favourite activity for the children.

And another play was put on.

Later my Dad was down there playing with them too. So many fun memories being made.

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