Monday, November 14, 2011

Marae visit

The older girls were thrilled to be able to join the local school for a field trip today.
We were at the school at 7:30am and the buses finally left at 8am. They headed off to Onuku Marae near Akaroa - some 2 1/2 hours away.
As there was an accident on the road they only got there around 11am.
They experienced the powhiri, the laying down of the hangi, and eating the hangi food for dinner before returning home - arriving at 9:30pm. I had thought Ruth might sleep on the way home - but no - she was still to excited about it all. They both had a wonderful day and we are so thankful to the school for allowing them to be a part of it.
Hannah has really been enjoying Letterland lately and this morning she spent ages going through the book with the cd. The first time around she used Ruth's alphabet puzzle and some letter cards that have been done.
Then she wanted to go through it again and had fun getting the appropriate fridge magnets to match up on every page.
She enjoyed cutting the lawn with Dad in the afternoon. I am glad she had an enjoyable day and did not miss her sisters too much.

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