Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend without Rachel

Rachel was off on her pre-jamboree camp this weekend. With Friday being a holiday the camp started on Friday morning. She got a lift with the other girl going from our area - so I only had to drop her off locally (Brendon was working in the morning). I was impressed that I had everyone ready to go by 7:30.
As Rachel had some special treats for her morning tea and lunch I decided we would have a treat too - chocolate covered strawberries. Yummyyyyy.
Hannah has started washing the scraps dish once it's been emptied for the chooks. It's lovely to have them wanting to do work around the house. What a blessing. And please also note her "crown". The girls all got to spend $2 at the shop on Thursday for being so good at the doctors rooms. This was Hannah's choice. She loves the crown and we love the fact that it's keeping her hair out her face. :-)
Ruth loves spending time with Hezekiah. I know the girls are going to really enjoy it when he interacts more with them.
Ruth giving him a tummy
rub to help with the cramps.
On Friday Hezekiah had such a good day - we started thinking he had gotten over his colic. I then made the terrible mistake of eating coleslaw on Friday night though and did not relate that to his bad day on Saturday and had more on Saturday night. So the poor lad had terrible tummy cramps on Saturday and Sunday. Silly mommy. The cabbage will have to be eaten by the rest of the family.
Brendon and the younger girls cleaned out the now-empty wood shed. The farm will be splitting wood in January and have said we can fill up again then.

I never showed you a picture of the finished work out the front. Looking so nice. The rose bush that was in the corner must have been growing for many many years without being cut back. It was quite hard work to get it cleared out but it looks great now.

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