Sunday, November 20, 2011

An exciting offer

I joined the girls at play centre on Tuesday. The water play must be Hannah's favourite area.
They had the play dough outside this week. At one point there were a number of children around the table with one of the "teachers". They were all making pizza and talking about what they were putting on theirs. No one could guess what Ruth had made for her pizza. It was olives. None of the children even knew what an olive was. :-)
Hezekiah got his first John Deere Tractor today. A gift from the Ravn family (one of Brendon's bosses). The wife had told me that she was at the shops with one of her boys and she asked him what she should buy. He said he clearly remembers the John Deere tractor he had as a child and how much he loved it. So a very special gift. Hezekiah will just have to wait a few years to play with it. :-)
We have been so blessed by all the cards and gifts we have received. Rachel loves putting them in size order when the counter get cleaned.

Two of my favourite ones are the smallest two. A personalized cross stitch card and a book mark. People are so creative.
On Wednesday the girls were all wearing pretty pink dresses so I thought it was a good time to get a photo of them all. Hezekiah was not so sure about being propped up on the chair though.

Hannah then wanted me to take a photo when she was holding Hezekiah.
And as expected - Ruth then wanted a photo taken too. :-)
On Thursday Ruth had us all laughing at the dinner table. Her poor eyes have been quite itchy with the hay fever again this year and unfortunately the homeopathic medication we had for her has run out and the homeopath is overseas. So perhaps the cucumber was soothing. We have had to go back to using the anti-histamine and eye drops but hopefully once the homeopath is back in January we can get her onto more natural medication and a long term solution. Last year she only needed to take the medication for 2 weeks and she was fine for the rest of the season.
The girls computer has been playing up a lot lately and so we decided to get a cheap entry level laptop. The size of the computer is just huge compared to their old one (500MB compared to just 18MB) and so I hope to load as many of their games onto the computer as I can (and not need to use the disks every time they want to swap games). Going through all their games Ruth noticed the typing game and has said she wants to learn to type. So this week she got onto the game for the first time. She diligently went through the first lesson and the long page of asdfjkl; combinations.
On Friday night Brendon and I (with Hezekiah) went to the farm's year end function. We had a lovely evening and the girls had a great time visiting with Bob and Lynn (our old neighbours).
Our exciting news this week is that we made an offer on a house in Hawarden and the offer was accepted. We now have 2 weeks to get a few things sorted before the contract is unconditional. It's going to be a very busy week ahead.
We already stayed up till after 11pm on Sunday evening getting paperwork sorted for our KiwiSaver Deposit subsidy application. We have been members of KiwiSaver for 3 1/2 years now and so this is what is helping make it possible for us to have the money for a deposit (this and the wonderful blessing Brendon's bosses have been to us).

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