Monday, October 31, 2011

Sky, land and sea

Yesterday Hezekiah started sleeping in his cot during the day. Left: This is the view he has out the window.
Right: Sleeping peacefully.

We did a sort out of the girls cupboards yesterday and now that they are more organized the girls re-found their "African" clothes and were excited to wear them today. Hezekiah had a lovely lion shirt to go with the African theme too.
Unfortunately Hannah's dress is too small already. Hopefully now that Rachel remembers she has the skirt she will wear it more often. It really is a lovely one.
Rachel was really quick with her school work this morning and so the girls headed outside to play. It was wonderful that their game ended up weeding the vegetable garden. Well - at least starting on it. It's just got so overgrown over the last couple of months.
Brendon did the Guide run this afternoon / evening and brought fish and ships home for dinner. The girls were so excited about my idea of an indoor picnic.

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