Saturday, October 29, 2011


Monday was a public holiday so we headed into town to fetch Rachel once Brendon was finished his mornings work at the farm. She had a wonderful weekend at camp. I took this photo from Lynn's blog (our friends from Timaru who were also at camp). Rachel was so excited to tell us about the speaker who was a missionary. She has been reading so many biographies of missionaries that she was THRILLED to meet one. She also recognised the names of many of the missionaries he mentioned in his talks and she was even more excited when she heard that he would be going to CHINA!!!!! (The topic of her latest unit study)
Not even 4 weeks old and such
lovely big smiles.
On the way home we got the usual grocery shopping done as well as real spoil items - some feeding tops for me. I am not one to buy new clothes but I had seen a friend wearing one of these tops and they are just great. Rachel even convinced me to get a dress too. So watch this space - at some point I am sure there will be a photo of me and one of my new tops.
Hezekiah was 3 weeks on Monday and when Maureen visited on Tuesday he weighed 4.54kg - up another 350g in the last week.
The girls were back to Ballet this week as the holidays are over and we also went to Music and Movement on Friday. It was great for the ladies to meet Hezekiah and also for me to meet the Play Centre Lady. From now on play centre will happen on Fridays too - so it will be a lovely fun filled morning out.
Brendon got to spray the weeds on the drive today and the girls enjoyed having the cows so close to the house.
I love the way Ruth will sit and tell Hezekiah stories.
And Rachel is such a wonderful big sister too.
This weekend I introduced the girls to fried banana. Brendon and I used to often have fried banana with our fried egg and I can't believe we have never done it for the girls. It was a huge success and I can see that we will be buying even more bananas in future. :-)

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