Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lovely play centre

On Tuesday the girls brought home the art that they had created previously at play centre.
Finally my desire for the girls to get to paint every week has been fulfilled. :)

The girls were thrilled to have two days in a row at play centre this week as the Correspondence School teachers had planned a visit for today. They are based in Wellington and try to get together with the children at least once a year.
Hannah was so excited about meeting Jill (above). When Jill sends her new posting she includes a letter to Hannah. On the top of the letter she puts a photo of her holding one of the pictures that Hannah has sent her. Something so simple has had such a huge effect as Hannah recognised the picture (the funny man she drew) and enjoyed talking to Jill about it today too.
I left a bit early with Hezekiah and Rachel and the girls got a lift home with Kerry. They were thrilled to have the Spencer children at the get together too.

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