Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sort and celebrate

I got the girls to sort out the bottom of the TV cabinet this morning as there have been a lot of books accumulating there and it had gotten quite messy. Among the books were even some of Ruth's doctors clothes - so Hannah enjoyed being "doctor Hannah" for a while.
After lunch the girls got helping me fold up the packets that have been accumulated in the pantry cupboard. What used to take up a really big space (in a very big packet) on the pantry floor now fits into a tiny little packet. Good fine motor skills developed as Ruth and Hannah learnt how to fold the little triangles.
It was exciting for the girls to get their Ballet exam results this afternoon. They both did really well and were top of their class.
This despite the fact that Ruth is a year to two younger than the others in her class. Ruth got 78% and Rachel got 80%. Rachel was disappointed that it was not honours but I think she realizes it is a very good mark. Well done girls. To celebrate their hard work I had bought this cheesecake as a surprise. With me having to go off to a meeting this evening before Rachel was even back from her lesson though - we will enjoy the treat tomorrow.
I was surprised when Ruth asked if she could build one of Rachel's Egyptian puzzles. She has not built a puzzle for a while. After I left both Dad and Rachel helped her get it finished.

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