Wednesday, July 6, 2011

School cool fun

Whenever Rachel watches one of her Math-U-See lessons Hannah is bound to ask to play with the blocks (even though Rachel does not use the blocks anymore). So the younger girls played with them for a while. Their favourite activity is making sandwiches between 2 big red 100 blocks. Ruth made open sandwiches today - all with 2 numbers making 10. Lovely patterns Ruth.
Rachel has been making sure she has the majority of her work done by 10am every day so that the girls can go and play outside together.
I just insist on them getting bundled up well and with Ruth's more expensive mittens coming back muddy yesterday I suggested they wear gloves instead. Thankfully we still had two pairs of Rachel's from years back. Hannah loves these ones as they have pink nails painted on them too. :-)
After lunch Ruth read all her readers to me. I am so thankful for the local library we have here. I had a problem linking to the library website at the beginning of the week and it really has reminded me of how very spoilt I am with the wonderful service we have here. All that I can do on-line, the fact that I use books from 5 local libraries and they get the books to our local library for pick up, the fact that we can get 20 books out per person at a time and the lovely ladies at our local library who are all so friendly. What a blessing. Thank you Lord.
And thank you Lord for kittens. Ruth just loves Patches and I love the fact that Patches is so affectionate with her. Can you believe she actually fell asleep in that position! Such a cutie and such a blessing to Ruth.
Rachel then headed off to get some unit study work done and so the younger two headed out to the sandpit. I don't seem to be as strict after lunch about them bundling up and by the time they came in (just after 2pm) they were both so cold.

I popped them both in the bath where they played for at least 45 min. Rachel then went to join Ruth (by that stage Hannah had had enough) and Ruth and Rachel then bathed for another hour. At least I knew Ruth had warmed up nicely. :-)

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