Monday, July 4, 2011


I was quite surprised when I asked the girls what they wanted for morning tea and the unanimous reply was "Rachel's prize cheese". Who knew little girls would like brie cheese that much. :-) And everything that comes out of the food hamper that Rachel won is called "prize .....".
After morning tea they headed outside and eventually at 12:40 I called them in to have some lunch. I just love how they can play for hours and hours outside with no fighting. Hannah's cheeks were really pink when they got back to the house. That may just have been from running back as they were a fair distance from the house. No "cheese" for the photo though. :-)
Rachel took a "prize slice" to Guides this afternoon as they were having a bit of an end of term party. There is still a Monday left in term but the Guide leader is not able to make it so they had their last day today. Three of the girls are not coming back next term (and all from our side of the district) - so Kerry and I will be having to travel every 2nd week. We have gotten quite spoilt this year with only having to do it every 4th week.

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