Sunday, July 3, 2011


We had a really hard frost this morning and so a very cold start to the day at -8. By 10am it was still completely white outside and still only -4. We had such a mild June so it's been quite strange to be hit with such cold weather so quickly. It does feel much colder than the last two years. At least it's not every day though. Apparently years ago they had -8 temperatures for 20 days in a row. So I am VERY thankful for the warmer days in between these frosty ones.
Hannah has become the sock sorter and it's been fun to watch her learning how to match the socks up. And not only the colours (that's easy) and size (a little more tricky when there are so many white socks) but to put the two matching socks in the same position (with heal and toes matching). It's so cute to hear her say "flip" when she realizes that turning the sock around is not getting it to match up but that she actually has to flip it over.
After lunch the younger girls had a wonderful time playing outside. I was really thankful that it finally warmed up enough for them to be outside. And notice again Patches in the background keeping them company.
Rachel and I were busy doing a Funding Application for her Jamboree fees. Jamboree is the biggest event for Guides and is a week long camp that only happens every 4 years. Rachel is registered for Jamboree 2012 in January but as it is on the North Island the costs are very high ($1,260 for the camp and travel). So all the help we can get financially is appreciated. We still have a few months to try and do some other fundraising. It's hard with only 2 girls going from our District and the other girl stays 40km away from us. So it's going to be up to us to do what we can.
Brendon was home around 2:30 again today so we did not have much time before we left for Bible Study. Just enough time though to get a photo of me and my bump. 27 weeks now with 3 months to go.

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