Saturday, July 2, 2011

Non-weekend weekend

Another chilly morning today but no frost and a beautiful clear sky. So I got the children to bundle up and head outside. I decided to make sure their toes were warm before they even went outside - so I warmed up their bean bags and they thought it was so much fun. Especially when I got my long one and put it over the top of all their feet.

At least jumping around on the tramp got them nice and warm too. Then they headed off to the tree house where they spent quite a bit of time. Hannah came back with no socks on though - no surprise there.

It even warmed up a bit after lunch that they ventured out without jackets on. Here they are at 2:30 going to meet Dad. They continued to play outside after this but decided the jackets were actually needed. I do love how Patches goes running off with them. She is such a sociable cat and loves being outside with the girls.

It is a bit of a non-weekend weekend for us as Brendon is working. It's normally Sat and Sun morning but he has been asked to help in the nucleus for a couple of months (with the pure bred sows) so there is a bit of extra work and so it goes a bit after lunch and today ended up being almost a full days work (he left at 7am). So we had a nice quiet afternoon and enjoyed our very typical "AFV, oven fish and chips, Junior Master Chef" evening. I always thinks it's so funny when the younger girls ever see Americas Funnies Videos they automatically think it's Saturday and we are having fish and chips for dinner. :-)

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Fiona Macneil said...

Great shot of all three girls in the last photo, all wearing some stripes!!