Monday, June 20, 2011

New skills and opportunities

Ruth is really enjoying working on the reading programme I downloaded a couple of months ago. She like the fact that it sounds like the lady is talking to her - saying things like "well done - you are reading words". We don't have the workbook though - so Ruth is happy to do some of it on-line (with the mouse) and then when it comes to her having to write she uses the black board. She is doing really well and is so excited about learning.
Even though it's a bit chilly out the girls will bundle up and go play. OK - Hannah normally doesn't and I have to ask her to please put something on. But even if she leaves with socks and shoes they are often off by the time she comes back in. I don't think she will be able to keep that up for the next two months though. Apparently the coldest weather normally starts now - once we are officially half way through winter and the days start to get longer again.
It was so funny to hear Patches meow unhappily when the girls were out. I got to her quickly - thinking something might be wrong (as she normally won't meow like that) and she was just upset about not being able to follow the girls outside. She had heard them playing on the trampoline and wanted to be with them. She plays underneath them and in the trees around them and really does enjoy being with them when they are outside. The girls were all thrilled when they noticed that she had caught a mouse.
I knew Ruth would not want to wait to try out the new paints. So the girls used the little bit of time they had this afternoon before Rachel went off to Guides. I am sure they will get loads of painting done in future. The paints are much nicer than the mixed powder paints (perhaps I am just terrible at mixing) and the girls do any cleaning up. Because we only have the 3 colours and white they will also be learning to do lots of their own colour mixing which will be great fun. We have a very busy week ahead though - so they may need to be patient about getting loads more done this week.

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