Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guide badges

Rachel has realized that getting individual Guide badges is going to be a lot more work than with Brownies. One of the options for one badge was to put up a curtain rail and curtain. Now how often does that become available? Thankfully for her the one time we have ever needed to put up a curtain rail was this week. I had bought the rail and curtain on Sunday and so she got it put up this evening.
They had their last Ballet lessons this afternoon before the exams tomorrow. I have not gotten to watch Rachel's lessons much over the last two months so I asked Brendon to pick Hannah and Ruth up after Ruth's lesson so that I could watch Rachel (without watching other children). She has done really well with the work and I am sure she will do really well with the exam tomorrow. Ruth will too - I am sure (as long as she does not get too shy). There were a couple of times today when the teacher said Ruth was the only one that got the exercise or dance right. So I think that must have helped her to realize she really has learnt the work well.
Eventually the curtain was up and the hem needed to be done. What an easy way to do a hem - just cut off the excess.
She only got to bed after 9pm but I think it probably helped her get to sleep quickly and have a good nights rest. She always gets so excited about exams (yes - excited and not nervous at all) and I am sure she would have been awake in bed till 9pm anyway.
We had to laugh at Patches this evening - choosing the wood as a pillow.

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