Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exam venue

Rachel and Ruth had a Ballet Exam practice this afternoon at the exam venue. It was a good thing Ruth had this practice as it helped her to understand this is not like the concert of last year (no curtain and stage). I got to sit at the examiners table and take photos of all the Primary girls. I was amazed at how nervous Ruth looked. I chatted to her about it later and she said she was a little "shy" because she had not been in that hall before. So hopefully she will be relaxed on Wednesday. She is doing so well with her work and I know she can do well in the exam - as long as she can stay relaxed.
Once Ruth's session was finished Ruth and I headed into town to pick up our free video camera (we had fly buy points that HAD to be used) and get some shopping done. The Grade 1 group was before Rachel and we had hoped we would get back  in time to watch Rachel's practice but the shops were so very busy that we ended up getting back to Rachel almost half an hour after she had finished. The girls were very pleased with our shopping results though - a sleigh and snow glider (now we are just hoping for some snow) as well as some paint (I am just so over the powder paints that keep going mouldy).

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