Sunday, May 1, 2011

Colour Snap

We headed into town for church this morning and I had to laugh when I saw what we were wearing. Both wearing black, blue and brown. We both thought back to the time when we were first dating (some 18 years ago). We were both leaders on a Scripture Union camp and almost every day we happened to be wearing the same colours. I remember one day at camp breakfast thinking "ok - today we did not match our colours" but then later in the day when the jerseys came off we were in fact in the same colour again. :-) It's nice to think back to these times but boy does it make me feel old. We have now known each other for more than half our lives.
And if you were wondering - yes - the jackets were needed. The temperature was only 6 when we left just before 9am. After church we headed to the shopping mall to get Ruth's new Passport photos done. Step one finished. This was another reason I worked at getting the front section of Ruth's hair done by today. We both had a break today though from any more hair work. We will get back to that tomorrow.
Another step in getting her new passport is to get a bank check but unfortunately the only bank that is open on a Sunday is on the other side of town - so that step will have to wait for a trip to town during the week (one is planned for Monday 9th for my 19 week scan). When we got home I was absolutely exhausted and headed for bed. Brendon got the girls ready for Bible study (I had taken chicken soup out the freezer to take with) but I only decided at the very last minute to join them. I could not believe how tired I was. I was glad I went though as we had a good study.

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