Monday, May 2, 2011

Cute calf

The girls and I got very excited when we saw a new born calf in the field next to our house. We could so easily see that it had only recently been born as it was still struggling to get used to standing and walking.
It was drizzling on and off today but it had stopped when we got this photo of it. You can see in this photo how the calf is still wet from the birth. And you can see how close it was to our garden. A real treat. Later the owners of the farm were moving the cows and we saw that there were 3 newly born calves in the field. They all should only have been due in 3 months time - so there was a mix up with dates before the cows even came to the farm. A mix up we were pleased about as it gave us this lovely opportunity.
I got stuck into Ruth's hair again today. We did the back right section today. At one point Patches came for a cuddle and slept on her shoulder for a while.

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