Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bring and braai

Thankfully I was feeling well enough this week for us to go into town for church. I did have to have a snack half way through the service and ended up not standing for the last song but it was nice to get to come in. Hannah was the most excited as she joined Ruth's Sunday school class. They normally start when they turn 3 but as it's just a month away they let her join today. She was thrilled to get her own Sunday school bag and to be a part of it all.
We did not stay for church lunch as I was already hungry again after the service and I was really looking forward to a Burger King Hawaiian Chicken burger. While we were at Burger King a lady gave us these Burger King versions of "Guess Who" as her children already had their own. So the girls had fun playing with that once we got home.
Brendon got the girls to help with doing a quick clean up and vacuum while I made potato bake for our Bring and Braai this afternoon. Bring and BBQ or shared tea just don't seem to sound as good as a typical SA Bring and Braai. :-) We had invited three families but it ended up just being the Sterns and us. We had a lovely time of fellowship and I was thankful to have gotten a little bit of guitar practice in before they arrived as Sarah had her guitar with and after dinner and a short bible study with the children we sang some songs together and I thought it sounded quite nice with the two of us playing.

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