Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise packages

Thankfully even thought the girls got to bed really late last night they were up early enough to talk to Nana on Skype for her birthday (thankfully it was still Sunday evening in SA). The girls cards had arrived in time for her birthday which was lovely but it was lovely timing that Nana's parcel to the girls arrived today (just after having wished her Happy Birthday). The girls each got lovely dresses and a little butterfly / fairy.
To be honest though - it was really funny to see Rachel's face when she first tried on her "dress". It was not a dress actually and these funny pants things were terribly uncomfortable for her. It must have felt like she was wearing an over sized nappy. So I cut it open and she is thrilled with her "dress".
While we were in town yesterday we stopped at a fruit and veg shop to stock up. It was great to get another big pineapple for my week's fruit salad as well as a few mangoes as they were much cheaper than normal. I was thrilled with the first one as it has been such a long time since I have enjoyed mangoes and it was so sweet and juicy.
Unfortunately the second one was a bit brown and less sweet (although the girls did not mind that and finished it up quickly). The third however was inedible. So perhaps it's worth just spending more money and buying a really good one. :-)
This afternoon we had the Brownie and Guide Registration for this year and so Brendon came along to run the BBQ for us. What a blessing to have him sort that all out while I got the registration side of things done. I am so thankful for our treasurer who - although she has only just taken over - was happy to take all the forms and money and do the rest of the work from here.
Kerry managed to get this box of goodies to Brendon while we were there and I was so surprised to see all the lovely baking she had done for us. Food has been a bit of an issue for me this week as I just don't feel tempted to eat. So her wonderful goodies got me nibbling and filled the rest of the families snack times with wonderful treats. Thank you so much Kerry. You are an amazing mother and a very dear friend.

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