Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Room Rescue

When Hannah got up this morning Smoky was in a really affectionate mood. And with Ruth still asleep she decided Hannah would have to do. Smokey just loves to rub up on people - especially faces. So Hannah put up with that for a while. Thankfully Smoky soon settled down and it was quite a treat for Hannah to have her lying quietly with her.
So - it's been a week since I started Shining my Sink with FlyLady and it's been a very good week. I can not believe how much I have gotten done - and in just 2 min, 5 min and 15 min a day. The 2 min is for a HOT Spot - the place where things just collect. My kitchen counter was my hot spot and it's gone so well that I have had to look for a 2nd hot spot as the counter has stayed clear. The 5 min is for Room Rescue - that room in the house where you can't even walk into. Well that was the library. All the art work type things get dumped in here and a number of books just never made their way back onto the shelves. There was literally just a small path to the girls book shelf. Well in just 5 min a day (for less than a week) the room was already tidied up enough for me to put in my plan for a play dough area. Because the floor is not carpet I thought of putting this table in here (when there was floor space for it to fit) and allowing the girls to play here. Before I would put a table in the kitchen but it always felt like such a mission as they would be in my way and I would suffer if they did not clean up properly. So I am thrilled at how well this is working. The play dough has been waiting for this room since the beginning of November when it was given to us after the Correspondence School Day out. It was really oily by now and so I gave the girls some flour to get it into a better texture.
Half an hour later I came back to have a look at their creations. I am sure they are going to be playing with it far more often now that it has a place and can be set up so quickly (you can see the open draw behind Ruth which is the play dough draw). So this room really has been rescued. :-)
Tiger decided to jump up onto the stored items on the other side of the room and watch the proceedings from his perch.
Rachel's decorated 3 tier cake - 15 minutes later.
Hannah asked that I take a photo of her creation too. Such a sweet face with those pony tails in. You can see her funny cut fringe is still trying to grow out. :-)
While we chatted to Nana and Grandpa on Skype tonight I finally got those monkey masks finished. I had to cut the eye holes out and put an elastic on. Here is Dad fooling around and making me laugh.

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