Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eat, count, drive and swim

The first of many picnic lunches on the tramp. So nice to
have such lovely shade on a very hot day.
Ruth has started learning about
Decimal Street and the place value
of units and tens - and loving it.

It was so hot today and Ruth was so uncomfortable. She was going to go upstairs but she turned to me and said "please can you get me some shade?" I told her that she was in shade because we were inside and the sun was not shining on us. She said "but I'm still hot". Poor thing. We managed to get a bit of a breeze going through the house and that helped - as well as getting down for a swim later.
On our way to the pool. Rural New Zealand traffic jam. :-)

It's always a treat to see a sheep dog in action.

We were happy to just follow the sheep along but the farmer indicated for us to go past. His dog made a path for us.
And then we had a lovely time at the pool. The water was only 22 but we all got in and had a great time. Ruth is doing so well with her swimming. She borrowed a life jacket from a friend for a bit and was more than happy to just put her head down and go for it. I remember my parents had a costume for my little sister which had Styrofoam tubes in it. As the child got more confident you started removing the tubes. I think if we had something like that for Ruth she would be swimming by the end of the season.

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