Sunday, January 9, 2011

Apricots and more apricots

On our way home from town today we stopped by an apricot orchid to pick some fruit. We had to pay for the fruit we picked but it was still a great experience for the girls. We picked almost a bucket full which ended up being 4kg. So we will be enjoying as many apricots as we can eat this week.

Very beautiful. Also very sad to see all the waisted fruit on the ground.
After church we got some shopping done (as you do when town is 100km away). One of the important items was the wood for the draws that Brendon is going to make for our TV cabinet. For now we have just bought the cheaper wood for the actual draws. At least we know what sizes the fancier wood comes in for the front (and doors that we will make for the rest of the cabinet) and so we will get that the next time we are in. We only JUST got the wood into the car. The back seat was down and my seat was as far forward as it could go (with my knees touching the front). Thankfully Rachel had new books from the church library - so she did not mind missing out on the movie (which is in front of Hannah and so was out of view with the wood). Ruth had a little nap before we got to the apricot orchid.

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