Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bacon, books and boxes

Hannah has been looking forward to today the whole week. She kept saying "Saturday - daddy home". As Brendon leaves before 5:30 every morning (and every second Saturday morning) she was so excited about him being here when she woke up. Here we are enjoying a cup of tea after our bacon and egg breakfast. Hannah spotted the mushrooms at the shops this week and asked that we have them again. I don't normally buy mushrooms but the thought of bacon and eggs with mushroom and tomato sounded so good. :-)
Ruth and Hannah decided that we needed blankets to keep warm (it was not that cold) and Rachel wanted to take a photo of us in our matching gowns. My aunt gave us a gift voucher for Woolworths for a wedding gift with strict instructions to buy something special (not just food). These were a part of that purchase. Can you believe almost 14 years later and they are still going strong. :-)
Another reward from my "Room Rescue" is that I finally got to sort through the big box of books I had bought off Trade Me over a year ago. We had given books as presents for Christmas 2009 but I had forgotten about the box. So it was great to sort through it and get a number out to give as gifts and then take out all those that were clearly 2nd hand for our girls to enjoy.
Ruth got cleaning her bike this morning with the hose and when Hannah asked for it to clean her bike Ruth turned towards her. Poor Hannah got drenched. I heard Hannah crying but then heard Brendon laughing. He said it was just so funny. Hannah was NOT impressed though.
The girls enjoyed learning from Dad how to play with Jaz. She was full of energy and loved running around after a ball.
My "de-cluttering" seems to be contagious and so Brendon got started in the garage this morning. First things first though and so he got hooks put up for his new Line Trimmer. In his defense though - he had actually sorted through quite a bit of stuff before and so some of the work was just cleaning things off again, getting them put in a clean box and getting the stuff loaded into the car so that we could finally give it away.
AT least three boxes and a number of bigger things got loaded into the car (not to mention the boxes from the house) and the improvement is huge. How nice.

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