Monday, January 10, 2011

Old cd rack, new idea

It was lovely to get to visit with the Spencer's today. The girls were so excited about giving them the presents. It did not take long to get the presents opened and they were all excited about their books. I am so glad I got to sorting out that box of books. :-)
As soon as Kerry brought the picnic blanket out Ruth asked if she could help carry. I asked her what she was going to carry. I got a little grin from her and she said "things to eat on the picnic". And we did have a lovely picnic of apricots and chocolate chip muffins.
Ruth saw me holding Joshua and so asked if she could hold him. She felt like such a big girl.
Joshua was giving me such lovely smiles (and almost laughs) and I was glad I got a picture of one.
Hannah did not want to miss out on the action and she made Joshua smile at the dancing teddy.
Kerry has a lovely tradition of getting all her January visitors to put their hand prints on this table cloth (with the date). So we all had fun doing that.
It was really a wonderful visit and I do wish she did not live so far up in the mountains so that we could just pop in more often. Our children all get along so very well and really enjoy spending time together.
This afternoon Ruth made sure she got some more math done. Can you believe she is already counting in the hundreds?????

While I was busy getting dinner ready Brendon got our new plants into their little pots (more purchases from our town trip yesterday).
 We had to find some use for the old cd rack. :-)
Rachel is very excited about seeing the ivy grow up the sides. I am quite pleased with our little idea.

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