Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rainy day

The rainy day today was great for the garden in some ways (getting a good watering) but not so good in others (we could not get out to do weeding). But the rain was also a blessing because it forced Brendon to stay indoors as he is not completely well yet. He was coughing quite a bit today and his sinus passages are really blocked up and causing quite a bit of pain.
It was great to finally get this art project finished. It goes with our spring theme but the goal was to use things from around the house. The butterflies we saw in the garden the other day inspired us to add some to our creation.
This afternoon we enjoyed watching Time Changer with Rachel. Unfortunately the DVD was scratched and we missed a bit in the middle. But it was so refreshing to watch a Christian movie and it had a lot of good lessons in it too. A bit slow perhaps (it was slow for Rachel at some points) but still highly recommended.

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