Friday, November 27, 2009

Camera day

Hannah found the "toy" camera that Lynn had given Ruth last year. Here she is taking a photo of Mum - telling me to say "cheese".....
And then a little while later the post lady arrived with my birthday present....
My new camera.
My first photo. The girls were watching their morning educational programme and could not pull their eyes away. At least Hannah gave me a "cheese".
Then the girls did some horsing around.
Rachel being the horse. :D
You can see the delight on Hannah's face when she saw the fancy "hat" Rachel gave Ruth to wear. Rachel also gave them loads of instructions on how to horse ride. She really does miss her horse riding lessons and I am so very thankful she does not complain about missing out on them but can enjoy the lovely memories she does have from them.
Dad's turn to try out the new camera.
Rachel's turn to try it out.
It was Brendon's work Christmas party this evening and for the first time we hired a baby sitter. Rachel was so excited because the girls name was Becky - a name from "A Little Princess". Her excitement was contagious with the other two and they were apparently very well behaved. When we got home at 9 both Rachel and Ruth hopped out of bed to say goodnight.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

You look stunning! Enjoy playing with your new toy - and well done with winning yet more movie tickets with your photography!!