Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brownies and Guides

Unfortunately these two little ones have started coughing again with the accompanying runny nose. I really through we would be through all this by now. It's been 5 weeks since the colds started doing their rounds and so I need to pray for the strength to get through a little more.
Ruth had said she was tired to hopped in bed for a bit. It was not long before Hannah was in with her. So much for a little nap. No chance of that with the energiser bunny next to you. :D
Rachel was very excited today to be wearing her new brownie uniform. We had gotten 2nd hand ones for her when she joined as they had a 2 year overlap of old and new uniforms. So at least we only had to buy one set which should last till she moves up to guides. By March all the girls have to be in the new uniform. Rachel is the first to have the official pants. Navy jeans are acceptable but Rachel is getting so tall that the new jeans Nana bought for her are already too short. These pants are 3/4 length - so I got them a bit long so they will last for a while too as they are not supposed to be down to your shoes.
A lovely warm jacket too. You can see how happy she is.
This evening I went to my first Girl Guides meeting. There has been a need for a district coordinator in this area for years now and so I finally said that I would help fill that role. I have an "interview" for the position next week and once it's all official I will have to have a uniform too (which Rachel thinks is sooo funny). This evening I joined Collette (the Brownie leader) and two other ladies from our area at the leader awards evening in town which also included a quiz night. It was a great time of getting to know the ladies I was with.

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