Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rainbow Party

The girls enjoying "morning tea" of dried pineapple pieces while watching "You and Me". It's an educational programme with lots of singing that is on every morning at 10. It's a great motivator to get Rachel done with a load of morning tasks (she can't watch if they are not done).We then headed outside and I managed to plant 30 seedlings. There was tomato, baby marrow, cucumber, corn, celery and lettuce. Now just to hope that the frosts are finally over for the year.
Rachel and I got busy on icing the cup cakes this afternoon for the Rainbow Party at Brownies. She so enjoyed mixing colours and creating a lovely rainbow of cupcakes.
It was also "Bring a friend" day and so there was quite a crowd. Hopefully a few of the friends will join. There are quite a few girls moving to Guides next year, so if no new girls join there may only be 4 brownies left.
Having a fun time with balloons outside.
As we arrived home we got to see them wrapping the grass that had been cut yesterday. Rachel got to see this machine working last year but it was a first for me. It wraps it in these nice long tubes, ready for when it's needed.

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