Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memories - old and new

Today a year ago I had to say a very sad goodbye to my precious little baby whom we named Gabriel. It was a terribly sad thing to go through but I thank the Lord for all the comfort and peace that He gave.
My friend Kerry popped in for a surprise visit this morning. It was lovely to have a cuppa and a chat with her and the children loved their time playing outside together. What a beautiful day and what beautiful memories are made through special days like this.
Katie is almost a year younger than Ruth but is already just as tall. Ruth still remembers when Katie was 1 and how she used to try and give her huge hugs.
After we dropped Rachel for the Brownie lift club we headed over to the school playground. Ruth had asked that we come to the slide. We have not been here for a few months and I could see how much both girls had grown and how much more they could do.

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