Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Copy, cold and cat

This is Ruth's favorite dress up dress at the moment. So when she took it off this afternoon it did not take Hannah long to have a turn.
Ruth started with a cold last night and so today I gave her a couple of these tablets. She could not swallow them so she said she would just chew them. YUCK!!! I gave her a chewable Vitamin C tablet afterwards to get a better taste in her mouth. She is such a good girl and she is reaping the benefits of not complaining because she is looking so much better already this evening. You can see that in the video below. Just a warning. Make sure your speakers are not too loud....

What is it about girls and screaming???
It was so funny though. The two of them tickled and chased each other and played so nicely together.
Ruth was really looking bad this morning with such a runny nose and coughing that Brendon said he would make sure he was home in time for me to take Rachel to ballet and leave the little two at home. So by the time we got back the younger two had already eaten. So while the rest of us ate dinner this was how they entertained themselves.
This cat came into our garden this evening. But it did not stay long. It was very scared and so is very possibly a wild cat.

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