Monday, October 26, 2009

On and over

The girls thought it was great fun to climb on Dad this morning. That's what you get for sleeping in. :D
On the first night Brendon took the bunk above me. What a night that was. Every move produced so many squeaks that I asked him to change beds the second night. So he moved up to the top bed (3rd bunk) but within seconds we knew it would be just as bad. So we quickly moved some bags off a bottom bunk around the corner and he got tucked quietly in there. Rachel and Dad got to tease each other quite a bit over the different results of their wiggling.
Although it did not rain today, the clouds definitely rolled over the mountains last night and we woke to a totally different scene than yesterday.
Time for packing up. A few more cars were added to the central area for ease of packing....
so the younger two found there were a few new places to play.
The 8 year old gang (and why we hardly saw Rachel for the whole weekend).
Because we were traveling straight home and not through town we took the inland scenic route and got to enjoy the gorge again. The colour of the water amazes us every time. We left just after 1, the younger two had at least an hour nap but woke when we slowed down going through Rangiora. It was still an hour till we got home but the DVD player worked really well in keeping Hannah happy for the remainder of the trip.
We had a lovely loooong weekend and I know this will be something the girls look forward to every year.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

We're also looking forward to it next year!! Reminds me of the family camps I used to attend at Honeyridge Baptist Church growing up. How was the actual camp and the sessions - you didn't say much about it?