Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spelling, decorating and hopping

We finally got to finish our tree this morning.

This book arrived in the post today. I am hoping it will help Rachel with her spelling. It has helpful tips like "It's 'k' and not 'c' with an 'i' or an 'e'" (eg cat, keg, kid, cot, cup). And later in the book there are helpful things that will help me with my spelling. For example. The suffixes -able and -ible. If a word is complete in itself it's usually -able (read-able, bend-able). If not, most of the time it's -ible (ed-ible, compat-ible).
Rachel has almost finished the blue mini-books for her France lap book, so she attached all of those today.

We were given some ham that was left over from camp and so I decided pizza was in order. We had lunch with a family after church a couple of weeks ago and she had all these lovely things set out and we made our own. I had never had capsicum on pizza before and I really enjoyed it.
Ruth making her pizza on her special bread. She is courageous and put everything on. And other than a bit of the bread she finished it all.
Rachel was Rachel and stuck with her Hawaiian pizza. She loved the fact that she could "decorate" it herself.

This hare (left) came right in the garden and stood at the climbing frame for a little while. Not long enough for a photo but long enough for Ruth to see how really bit he is. This little rabbit (right) had also been hopping around the garden and was quietly sitting on the side of the road when the hare came out and passed him.

And as soon as the hare was passed the rabbit followed after. It was so funny but also great to see them next to each other. They are so very different.
Brendon had a long day today as he had a meeting to go to in Timaru with Steve. It's a 3 hour trip - one way. So he left home this morning just after 6am and was only home at 7:30pm. He really enjoyed his pizza when he got home.

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