Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mum and Daughter day

Ruth enjoying some early morning stories from Rachel.
Ballet Exam venue practice. And it was a good thing we saw it as a dress rehearsal as her exam shoes were too small. Thankfully we do have a bigger size at home which she can practice in on Tuesday at their last normal practice.
I had a lovely day with Rachel (thanks to my amazing husband). I took her to ballet exam practice this morning (which went well considering her ankle is still mending), we were out for 4 hours and had lovely times of chatting and laughing. Her practices always seem to be around 1pm, so on two occasions we have stopped at a bakery to get pies for lunch. Amazing how something so small and simple can create such wonderful memories. We even chose the same pies as last time. :-)
This afternoon we got some more seeds planted. Silver beet (like spinage), lettuce, spring onions and peas.
I love getting mail. And today there was enough for all the girls to open one. That's also the advantage of Trade Me purchases - all the lovely packages that arrive.... :-)
It did not take Ruth long to get busy on one of the new puzzles and Rachel flew to the story supa quick. These two books are really nice. They have puzzles and stencils and a board game - all tucked nicely into the book. The book that they are busy with here has Jack and the beanstalk as well as Puss in boots. Two stories that Ruth does not know well yet. So it's fun for her to have new puzzles as well as getting to hear such well known stories.
And then later this afternoon Rachel and I watched Ella Enchanted. The rest of the family were in and out, but again my wonderful husband looked after the younger two (took them off for bath time before bed) and we really enjoyed watching this together. It was a really fun movie and we had a good laugh together. It has been a very special day for Rachel and I and I am so thankful.

And then Brendon and I got to enjoy watching "The Last Legion". Brendon enjoys the war type movies and I especially like the ones that involve ancient Rome. Rachel's Ancient Rome unit study has taught me so much and I am able to enjoy these types of movies so much more because of it.

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