Friday, September 11, 2009

Food and fun

Hannah found this beanie this morning and what a cutie pie she is.I remembered this lovely cd I have and so now we have lovely soothing music playing through the morning. I forget that I can play cd's on my computer. So now our study is filled with music which is great.
Hannah thinks the toy box makes a good seat.
Ruth enjoying my gym ball.

And she has gotten really good on her own small one too.

Hannah also enjoys the snake puppets.

This really has been an egg lunch week. This is the big omelet I made for the younger two girls today.

We had to go to Waikari this afternoon (only 15km from us) and Brendon decided we should try the take aways as it changed ownership a little while ago. Ruth got a gluten free piece of fish which she polished off on the trip home. The rest of us enjoyed eating the chips on the way home. Here are the two little ones cleaning their hands just before we got home. A funny place for dinner but they enjoyed it. Unfortunately Ruth was the only one who really enjoyed her food (other than the chips for the rest of us), so take aways won't happen again soon.

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