Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last minute guests

While we were having breakfast this morning this hare came into the front garden and we all got a nice look at it. For the first time it did not got hopping off straight away, so I managed to get a nice photo.
Rachel has realized that the best use of this time (sore foot in cold water 20min 3 times a day) is to listen to cd stories and get some sewing done. So she got a session in this morning and her sewing is coming along nicely.
I was not having a great day this morning and the only reason I did not recommend not going to church this morning was that Steve had said he would bring us some raspberry plants. So Brendon got them planted after lunch.
Jan (Steve's wife) phoned in the afternoon though and asked if they could come over and bring dinner to share with us. Although company was the last thing I was wanting (we had left church as soon as it was done) it ended up being exactly what I needed. We had such a lovely visit with them. The girls had a wonderful time too. Jan played so nicely with the younger two.
The boys brought their dog with which was also very much appreciated by our girls. Ruth is still a bit nervous although she always wants to go to her.
Thanks Steve and Jan - for the raspberry plants and the wonderful visit.

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