Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday is visitors day

Brendon worked this morning and then soon after getting home headed out to buy us a new fridge freezer for in the kitchen. Our old one (a huge double door) is sitting in the garage with the freezer. So I had a busy day of unpacking and got over a dozen boxes unpacked.
One advantage of our new "library" is that I am using the top of a bookshelf to store all the games and puzzles. So now that they are in view they will be used more often. Ruth is also into a puzzle mood after getting her Winnie the Pooh puzzle for her birthday.
Bob and Lynn (our old neighbours) joined us for dinner tonight and Ruth was very excited to build the puzzle for Lynn after dinner. She can do this 24 piece completely on her own.

Lynn brought pudding and one of the times was cream....
The girls really enjoyed having Bob and Lynn come visit. Lynn's comment in our guest book is "Lovely warm home, delicious tea and great entertainment". We often say the girls are clowns, but today they got complimented on their entertaining. They had us all laughing so much. It was a lovely afternoon / evening.

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