Saturday, August 1, 2009

A relaxing and productive Sunday

Just in case you missed that detail. A beautiful sea of colour....
Yesterday we saw the landlords at the sheds and so Rachel ran over with a bottle of hot chutney. When Brendon saw them later on in the afternoon they said they had really loved it. We also dropped some off at Brian & Julia and it was a hit with them too. So at least we have found a few people who can enjoy it. :-)
Every first Sunday of the month our church meets at the hall at Leithfield beach. The children all love this because of the wonderful playground they get to play at after church.
I had also been given a lovely dress for Hannah this week, so the girls all wore dresses to church which they thought was really cool.
We were blessed with an invitation to lunch with a family who stays a few houses down from the hall. So it was nice to get lunch sorted before our ride home.
While Hannah slept some more after getting home we all got busy. Rachel got stuck into the new books she has been lent. A whole box full of "Little House on the Prairie" books.
I got the last of the boxes unpacked. There were more than half a dozen still to go and it was lovely to get them all unpacked and out the house. There is still quite a bit of sorting that has to happen in cupboards, but at least the boxes are out.
Brendon washed the little car and gave the big car a through inside clean. Ruth enjoyed the time with Dad.
Something fun for the girls this afternoon was that some cows were put in the field next to the house for the day. They so enjoyed watching them.
We had gotten some old planks from the landlord to put up in the ceiling of the garage - making a platform for all our boxes.
We had such a lovely relaxing day even though we also managed to be quite productive.

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