Friday, July 31, 2009

Orana Park finally

As soon as we arrived we got Hannah into the pram for a sleep and then headed over to the activities area which we had not gotten to on any of our other visits.
What a fun climbing frame. I noticed the end of the flying fox behind them, so as soon as I pointed it out - they were down and on their way.

And it's a huge one. Rachel was a bit nervous and so Ruth went first. She is a brave little girl - it must seem even higher for her. And yes, Mom had a go too. Finally one that you know is high enough for an adult.

And the girls had a second turn each too. They really enjoyed it.
One of the highlights for the Park at the moment are their 4 cheetah cubs. So we were really glad to get to see them (and we got to see them twice). Because they are still young they don't have a set feeding time yet. So we were thankful that we got to see them out playing.
Can you spot all four?
Again Ruth was so excited to feed the giraffe. We were a little late and so there were really only left over leaves. But Ruth kept going to find the tiniest bit to give them. She really enjoys the giraffe.
Rachel does too.
Hannah woke up to see the giraffe and the next was the Rhino. At our last visit she was sleeping through this - so it was nice for her to get to see them.
We had expected things to get really windy and so we had the storm cover over the pram. It only picked up later though. It was a really lovely day.
Then it was time to see the cheetah.

And this time we got to see them run. Okay - at least we got to see one of them run.

Then the wild dogs again. And this time with sound. Which includes Hannah making the sound of a dog.
Ice scream time.
And today we got to see the otters swimming. Their pool was being fixed last time we were here. So that was a great bonus.
They are such characters.
We had a lovely day and although it's two weeks after her birthday - this was Ruth's choice of what to do as a family for her birthday, so it was great to have such a lovely day together.

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