Friday, July 31, 2009

A day in town

Another beautiful start to the day. I don't think I will ever get tiered of seeing the variation and beauty. What a wonderful Creator God.
With Ruth's doctors appointment being at 1pm, we knew we would have to have lunch in town. So I got some shopping done next door while the girls played in the burger king play area and then we enjoyed a meal there. Rachel was so excited to be sitting in the "fancy" chairs. And then thy handed out these crowns, so she really felt like a princess.
The day went really well despite the fact that Hannah was not feeling wonderful. Her temperature kept going up and down and we think it's still those eye teeth worrying her.
The appointment was quick at the hospital. I think he was very surprised to see Ruth's fingers back to normal. He won't give any credit to the herbs but has finally made a note in her file as to how cold the previous house was. He had said that world health say the temperature should be 18 and when we said we had heard 16 he explained that that seemed to be what was acceptable in NZ. So with our previous house sitting under 10, it really was not a healthy environment to be in. We praise the Lord again and again for the herbs helping get Ruth's swelling down (as they were down on the day we moved - before we moved) and that we are now blessed with such a warm home.
On the day we moved to our new home (2 weeks ago already) our car was parked under a tree and got really decorated. But it's been sitting in the garage for 2 weeks and Brendon has not had the time to get it washed. So today I suggested we find out how much a car wash costs. We only selected the cheapest option and then the lady made a mistake when ringing things up and said she had not charged us for the wash. So we got it for free anyway.
Rachel was so very excited about going through a car wash. Those are her hands up in the and her says "YAY"....
The girls patiently waiting as we wait in line for the car wash. Both girls would be asleep by now, so we were thankful to not have any tears with how tiered they were.
We thought it would be fun to watch the water through the sky lights. It also showed us how messy the top of the car was....
Hannah was fascinated.
Amazing how much fun a car wash can be.
And it's great for Dad to have a clean car without the effort.

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