Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot chutney

And again and again it's just magnificent.
15 min later but still so beautiful.
This morning we got the chutney made. Rachel mincing the onions.
Ruth mincing some fruit.
Hannah also had a go.
And then Rachel and Ruth got into a nice rhythm. Rachel would put the fruit in and Ruth would push it down. What lovely kitchen helpers.
And here is where things get hot. The recipe said 75g cayenne pepper. I had only bought a 40g packet, so only that went in. Well it was WAYYYYYYYYY to much.
So the tiniest taste told me we had a BIG pot of very HOT chutney....
So we have a dozen bottles to give away.
And I look forward to trying it again and using NO pepper.
And even though there was not much cooking going on today, the kitchen temp got up so high. We have really had a lovely warm week and keep thanking the Lord for this wonderful house.
Rachel had Brownies this afternoon (they have had 2 weeks of holidays) and Kerry dropped her off at home afterwards. She did not have other girls to bring home so decided to pop in and bring us some baked goodies to welcome us into our new home. What a blessing. She even made some rice bubble ones (on the left) so that Ruth could also enjoy some of it (making an effort to have something gluten free for her).
Last Saturday Brendon's boss's wife popped in with some baked goodies too. We are so thankful for people's kindness.

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