Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot kitchen

I was looking for something this morning, so that got me unpacking a box. The two little girls were a big help in passing me things. So although unpacking boxes was not on the list of things to do today, I still managed to get 2 unpacked which was a bonus.
What was on the to do list was to start a batch of chutney.
First get the dried peaches and apricots.
and soak them overnight in vinegar. So this project will be completed tomorrow.
It felt quite warm outside compared to previous days so I put the thermometer outside to see what it was. It only got just above 10 at lunch time. So that's a warmer day for us....
The girls enjoying the chalk board wall at the end of our study / play room.
And then I decided to try a friend's scone recipe with gluten free flour for Ruth's lunch (as her crumpet stock in the freezer is finished).
Hannah and Ruth fit nicely on the tower and take turns helping.
Ruth helping make the balls.
And really enjoying the results....
I still had veggies left over from my purchase last week, so with the meat Brendon cut up last night I got a pork stew going. I also had fish defrosted (the original plan for yesterday's dinner but it did not defrost quickly enough) so I made picked fish with that today. I am so looking forward to that for lunches. It's my Dad's recipe and I have never made it myself and have not eaten it for years. It's so good. You are supposed to wait 3 days before eating it but I remember my Dad's would almost be finished by the 3rd day it was so good.
So with the oven going for scones (I made normal ones too) as well as two pots of food going, my kitchen got really hot. Up to 26 (while it's only 10 outside). It felt like summer. I had changed to a short sleeved top and eventually was walking around the kitchen bare foot to try and cool off. It was lovely to be so warm.
I had my summer shoes out and should have known Hannah would notice them. She just loves shoes.
God had his paintbrush out again this evening. It was magnificent.
And it changes so quickly. These were taken around 5:30pm.
Hannah only wanted Mom after bath. So Brendon read the Bible story to the other two and I kept Hannah out their way. She just loves these blankets and it's a great game to just be underneath one. We had a bit of tickling and laughing too.

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