Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ruth's picture

7am and just stunning.
The girls after their afternoon nap. These two are so affectionate with each other.
Hannah has not been the happiest little girl the last few days. So while I got things ready for ballet Ruth sat with her while she had her bottle.
After ballet this afternoon we popped into the store to get some milk and they had kept Ruth's picture for us.
She had watched Rachel colour in the writing so carefully and so she wanted to do a good job herself. I was really impressed with her control. Obviously the judges felt the same.
When I saw this I had to get a photo. :D


Fiona Macneil said...

Won't it be lovely when all those trees are full of leaves!!

Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Those skies are just incredible!! You're doing a great job with the camera in capturing them so beautifully. Praise God for His abundant blessing, sunsets and sunrises being among them.