Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not just teeth

Hannah has not been the happiest little girl for the last little while and we have been thinking it was just these eye teeth still giving her a hard time. Early this morning though, she woke and was crying in pain. So I decided to just get her urine checked and it was a good thing we did. There was some blood in her urine, so they sent it off for further tests and I got her onto Cranberry juice, changed to Cranberries in our morning juice, started giving her a couple of homeopathic things I have as well as praying that she would be better soon (and hopefully not need an anti-biotic). Already today we have noticed a difference and for the first time in many days she did not have any miserable sessions the whole afternoon and evening. She found it is really fun to climb onto Ruth's bed. I can't but smile when I see that little face. You are so special.
And she knows the bed is for sleeping.... So I don't think it will be too long now before she moves into a "big bed".
I also finished up a new batch of chutney (with NO pepper). I got 6 big bottles and Rachel enjoyed some on her chop this evening and said it was really good. I personally think the vinegar is a bit too strong. But that may also be because I could not find "brown wine vinegar" and used "malt vinegar" - which may be stronger. So I think I will be trying different things with the recipe before I can say "this is it".
I am also having a go at some sore dough bread. I started it on Monday with Rye flour and water and have been "feeding" it every day. I look forward to trying it out next week.

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